Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Rebel Heart by Moira Young

review by The Mole 

******Warning - Contains minor spoilers for "Blood Red Road" ******* 

Saba, Emmi, Tommo and Lugh have been moving westwards to meet up with Jack at the Big Water. But Saba's not well. Ghosts are haunting her; the girls she beat in cage fights and Epona, the girl she shot rather than leave to die a slow death at the hands of the Tonton.

Worse than that, when Emmi is captured by the Tonton, Saba's every loyalty is challenged and suddenly she starts to question everyone's role in society.

As a sequel  to Blood Red Road this book came as a bit of a shock. Oh, the characters were all there and it was well written but it was somehow feeling like a different style. The author was quite happy to go around killing off good guys as quickly as the bad guys and suddenly Saba's actions start to horrify the reader as she has lost sight of what is right and wrong - in fact I started to wonder...

Saba seems to make, in this book, the transition from girl to young woman and we keep hearing phrases that she is destined to become something far more that she could know - another major shift from the ordinary young girl that we meet in Blood Red Road.

An extremely good book once again, and refreshingly different enough compared to the first so that it doesn't read like 'more of the same' as so many sequels do.

Publisher -  Marion LLoyd Books (Scholastic)
Genre - teens, Sci-Fi, Action Adventure

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