Monday, 29 October 2012

Really Weird by Daniela Sacerdoti

review by Maryom

When Luca's strange Uncle Alistair turns up unexpectedly life on his Scottish island home is going to get far more interesting. Not only does he have a ghostly companion but Uncle Alistair has the weirdest pest removal business ever! He doesn't rid you of rats or mice but of unwanted supernatural infestations! If you have a troll in your cellar or stone fairies threatening the baby - Really Weird is the company to call! When Luca and his sister Valentina get drawn into his adventures they discover a paranormal world, hidden to most of us, peopled with ghosts, selkies, mermaids and sea serpents. There are less friendly creatures too - kelpies, vampires and trolls - that need to be rehoused where they can cause no harm, well away from humans.

Really Weird is a fun and exciting paranormal adventure  which I really enjoyed - and I'm sure children will too!  While there are dangerous creatures within it and nail-biting moments, it's not the frightening sort of book to keep you awake all night. It may though keep children up wanting to find how it all ends - always the sign of a good book!

There's a strong Scottish feel to the story, from Luca's island home to the big cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh but mostly of the creatures of Scottish folk-lore brought to life. I very much hope this is the start of a series of Really Weird Adventures.

There's also a website where you can read more about the team members or check out the Paranormal Database for information on weird and wonderful creatures.

Maryom's review -  5 stars
Publisher - Kelpie Publishing
Genre - Children's 8-12, paranormal adventure, fiction

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