Friday, 26 October 2012

Super Soccer Boy and The Monster Mutants by Judy Brown

Review by The Mole

When a factory is to be demolished there are weeds growing out of control at the site and the caretaker went missing the day the factory closed. The demolition crew are attacked - by the plants! Super Soccer Boy, Harry Gribble, uses his skills to try to stop the plants and save the world.

I am not a football fan. There, confession made. Did it matter? Not at all. Super Soccer Boy is hardly about football, it's about fun and really good role models. Both Harry and Jake are clever, resourceful, but well behaved lads.

At about 120 pages with a good size font and plenty of light hearted illustrations the look and feel of the book is well suited to 8/9 year old reader. While the thought of plants consuming people is suited to The Day of the Triffids, Dr Who and maybe even Hammer House of Horrors, here it is handled in a way that will really delight its readers. And all those adults that can't figure out what Super Soccer Buy has worked out... well that adds to the appeal.

I came to this series late as this is the last but the other seven are out there to delight young readers. And I can't see why girls wouldn't enjoy them too. Extremely fun read. Have I already said it was fun?

We have put this one out today for our Hallowe'en reads - but mutant plants are hardly Hallowe'en? Well they could be, forgive us please this once?

Publisher - Piccadilly Press
Genre - Children's 8+, Fiction

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