Thursday, 25 October 2012

Undead Pets; Return of The Hungry Hamster by Sam Hay

illustrated by Simon Cooper

review by Maryom

When Joe's Uncle Charlie gives him an ancient Egyptian amulet capable of granting a single wish, Joe hopes for the thing he wants most in the world - a pet. The amulet must be totally confused or have a macabre sense of humour because, instead of a real live pet, a ghostly ravenous hamster appears! Dumpling the hamster met an untimely end - getting sucked up the vacuum cleaner - and feels his young owner will be feeling both distraught over his pet's death and guilty for leaving Dumpling's cage door open. Dumpling needs to set the record straight and put the blame where it firmly lies before he can move on to the hamster afterlife - and he needs Joe to help him.

The Return of the Hungry Hamster is a funny, rather than scary, ghost story. Being a ghost doesn't stop Dumpling causing all sorts of havoc, getting Joe into trouble at home and at school and eating everything in sight!  There's the right amount of grossness and ghoulishness to appeal to kids without going over the top. Illustrated throughout - and with some cartoon sections - it's sure to appeal to the younger but fairly confident reader - maybe 7 and up, though even I enjoyed it! A great Halloween read.

Maryom's review -  5 stars
Publisher - Stripes Publishing
Genre - Children's 7+, ghosts, fiction

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