Wednesday, 10 October 2012

The Hex Factor by Harriet Goodwin

review by Maryom

Xanthe has just started back at school for a new term but is finding things hard going. Arch-rival  Kelly seems to be out to make trouble for Xanthe when-ever and where-ever she can. Soon Xanthe finds herself in all sorts of trouble at school and despite her protestations no one believes she is innocent.  Xanthe's 13th birthday is fast approaching but all her friends are dumping her as quickly as they can and soon no one will be left to come to her birthday party. Will the special gift that Gran has lined up be able to help? What is the secret she wants to share with Xanthe?

If I said this was an interesting and inventive story about witches set in a school you'd probably think it was a Harry Potter rip off - but it's far from it. The setting is a normal secondary school, the situations are ones which the reader can relate to and who hasn't dreamed of having a secret power to lash back at the world when things go wrong.
Readers are bound to sympathise as Xanthe is increasingly blamed for things she didn't do - and cheer as she ultimately vindicates herself!

There's a definite, scene-setting, first of a series feel to The Hex Factor but it's an excellent page-turning read and I'm sure it will quickly develop a fan following.  

Maryom's review -  4 stars
Publisher - Stripes Publishing
Genre - Children's 10+, Fantasy
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