Thursday, 11 April 2013

Ghostman by Roger Hobbs

review by Maryom

"I make things disappear. It's what I do. This time I'm tidying up the loose ends after a casino heist gone bad. The loose ends being a million cash.
But I only have 48 hours, and there's a guy out there who wants my head in a bag.
He'll have to find me first.
They don't call me the Ghostman for nothing..."

When a casino robbery in Atlantic City goes wrong and ends up with blood and body parts splattered across the car park and one of robbers disappearing off the map with the money, the Ghostman is brought in to sort out the mess. The Ghostman, Jack's as good a name as any he uses, owes a favour to Marcus, the big-shot guy behind the heist, so can't refuse to help but he wasn't quite expecting the mess he finds - nor the interest shown in it by another drug baron and the FBI.

The novel is told in first person from the point of view of 'Jack' and alternates the current story-line with that of an earlier heist - the one where things went wrong due to Jack's mistake and for which he still owes Marcus. The snag to this is that Jack seems so very full of himself, so confident in his abilities and yet he leaves such a trail of destruction behind him as he 'tidies up' that he seems to be just boasting. This didn't exactly endear him to me and hampered my appreciation.

The plot is a fairly common one of guy goes in to sort out mess, finds himself on the receiving end of attention from more interested parties than he'd expected and has to attempt some clever trickery to avoid a sticky unpleasant end. Having said that, it's a well enough written story and the author is only 24 so I suspect his novels will improve in subtlety and complexity.

Maryom's review - 3 stars
Publisher - Doubleday
Genre - adult fiction, crime, thriller

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