Friday, 5 April 2013

Nananette and The Wreckers by Tania Bramley

Review by The Mole

Having rescued Nananette from the Doldrums (Nananette and the Doldrums) Nicky and Nick are still waiting to meet Nananette for the first time but now they see danger for her from wreckers and must rescue her from them too if they are ever to finally meet Nananette.

The story continues told in the same voice teaching its readers (and Nicky and Nick) about wrecking and the people involved. It did leave me wondering if they would ever actually meet Nananette as we finally left 2 very disappointed children.

Another very enjoyable 8+ reading book with with frequent bright fun pictures and easy language. Once again ideal for reading and sharing alike.

Publisher - Austin and Macauley
Genre - Children's fiction

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