Friday, 12 April 2013

Somewhere Deep Inside by Janusz Jarzecki

Review by The Mole

This book is a collection of prose, poems and pictures. Before I say any more let me stress that I am neither a poetry nor an art expert. I know what I like and enjoy and it is frequently at odds with 'experts'.


This collection is sorted into 8 parts. These divide the works into prose, pictures and the poems into certain themes and this feels a little clinical in what should be a work of 'art'. The prose section evoked many memories of my childhood and did it very graphically. Unfortunately it also seemed to be tainted with regrets throughout. The poems were very much a mixed bunch. I liked many of them and they 'worked' for me; some I didn't understand at all; some lacked context within them to make them mean anything to me. Unfortunately they tended, once again to be tainted with sadness or regret. The pictures... they are the kind that, for me, please the eye now but I wouldn't want them adorning my home - I think the Mona Lisa is a nice picture but not in my home, thank you - does that make sense to you?

On balance I feel I liked this collection but I would have liked more of a balance of emotion as well as an eclectic mix-up.

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