Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Humongous Hamster by Lorna Freytag

Review by The Mole

'My' hamster eats his food up quickly and seems to always want more. In this book the author contemplates what would happen if through all her hamster's eating, he grew and grew until he was a 'humongous' size.

With lots of clever photoshop work and careful use of fonts this book is a fun read for early readers and, while not challenging perhaps, still fun for older readers who find it on the bookshelf.

As a child I hated "The Yellow Book" with a vengeance but this kind of book would have got me reading a lot faster. But don't discount the opportunities this book has for sharing - there are plenty of things to talk about in the pictures and it wouldn't take a great deal of imagination to suggest actions that could be related to the pictures as well.

A really fun book to encourage children into reading as well as for early readers.

Genre - Children's Picture Book, Early Reader
Publisher - Piccadilly Press

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