Friday, 31 May 2013

Boy Nobody by Allen Zadoff

Review by The Mole

When his father is killed by the Program and the boy is left alone in the world he is befriended, homed and trained by the Program. He turns up in a new school, makes new friends and then assassinates one of their parents and disappears. This is what he does. He believes in the Program - the Program works for justice and national security.  He has almost forgotten who he was until this new case - to kill the mayor of New York. Something awakens in him and stirs - this case can't be right can it? These people cannot be any sort of risk can they? And the case becomes even more complicated when the target changes at the last minute. There is no way he can complete this mission. Is there?

Throughout the story I could not find it in myself to like the boy. There was no subterfuge being played against him, he knew exactly what he was doing and trusted others too much. His training in a few short years amounted to a lifetime in others and somehow it felt like a man's personality in the body of a child. The ending also disappointed me immensely - which I can't explain for obvious reasons.

Did  enjoy the book? Well.. yes I did - except for this age thing which irritated me throughout the story. If they had used some high tech training method, such as the Matrix or Joe 90, then I would have enjoyed this a great deal more but for me this felt like it should have been an adult of at least 20.

If you like thrillers then you will enjoy this and perhaps teens can see themselves in this role as a warrior of justice believing their own youth gives them the ability to put a lifetime's training into a few short years.

Publisher - Orchard Books
Genre - Teen Thriller

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