Monday, 6 May 2013

The Ancient Exile by Clare Wilson

Review by The Mole

Tom MacKay, young Staff Wielder, is still training with his granda in Cairn Holme when he is once again summoned back in time by Aneirin. Ten years have passed for Aneirin but for Tom it is just a year ago. A threat has appeared in the sky and Aneirin needs Tom's help to find a hermit on a remote island who they hope will know how to end this threat.

This is the second book in the Staff Wielder series (Book 1 is The Long Staff) and we see Tom still learning to use the power of the staff but growing, becoming more confident and capable.

Another exciting adventure but once again there is a sequel, so Tom will be back once again but I suspect that this will be in a bigger, more central role as he 'comes of age' properly.

I read this without having read the first book and I found it worked well for me BUT... by reading it you will know the outcome of the first story so I recommend you read them in order. Despite the monsters encountered in this book it is still a non terrifying story that will grip young readers - both boys and girls - and keep them reading to the end.

Publisher - Olida Publishing
Genre - children's fiction, 8+, fantasy, magic

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  1. Yes having read both books I agree that the story is exciting and the young author does a masterful job of capturing the readers attention taking them on a wonderful journey. It is gripping from the first page to the last page whether you are pre-teen or an adult.