Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook by Lynn Hill - Event

By The Mole

Last night's event at Waterstones was a promotion for the cookbook but somehow that didn't seem the top of many people's lists!
When we arrived the room was laid out like a cafe almost, with 'coffee' tables and groups of chairs around each. At the far end of the room was a table that seemed to be creaking under the weight of the cake. We hadn't known what to expect when we arrived but as other people arrived they approached the organiser and presented her with yet ANOTHER cake. It appeared as though the event was to be attended by members of the club only? As we got to chatting it became apparent that many of those attending were planning on joining the club and while the event was promoting the book it was also promoting the club. Their website says "Bake, eat and talk about Cake. Gather in secret locations, UK & overseas. Arrive as strangers, leave as friends. It’s all about CAKE." and last night that certainly happened. But we were told that at the first meeting of the club in one area there were 18 people and at the second there was just 1. I suspect that people felt a little overawed by the cakes on display and that's where the book could help. The cakes on display weren't just any old cakes, they were mainly innovative. There was:- pistachio and lime cake, Marmite cake, rhubarb and custard cake, passion fruit cake, pineapple and cherry cake, ginger and syrup cake, banana and chocolate cake, chocolate and berry cake, Victoria sponge with lemon curd - and they were just the ones I tried. Some of these were from the book and some weren't. Most were extremely nice and some were... well just the talking point (the Marmite cake actually). An extremely nice evening was had by all I believe, despite the groans of  "Too much" that seemed to emanate from all corners of the room and by the end of the evening the table seemed a bit relieved it was all over. So if you enjoy baking and like cake why not look for a branch of the club near you or even consider starting one? All the contacts you need are on the website. Or maybe get a copy of the book before you do and get some practice in?

Once again  a great event so remember to watch for book events in your area.

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