Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Captain Valiant (and me) - Revenge of the Black Phantom by Adam Britten

Review by The Mole

When, using their super powers, Captain Valiant and Dynamic Boy defeat The Black Phantom they are warned that much worse will follow - and it does. An explosion totally destroys Mark Taylor's (Dynamic Boy) school and, as they investigate, the Astral Knights are instructed to cleanse the earth - everything living will be wiped out unless Mark, his dad, his mum (Ms Victory) and his sister (Moon Girl) can defeat Abbadon before things get even more out of hand.

This is how I like my superheroes - funny. Poor old Dynamic Boy is forever complaining that he has a stupid name, a stupid costume and stupid super powers. His sister is always bullying him and treating him like... well a younger brother. His dad is getting fat from too many bacon sandwiches and his mum is... well a mum I suppose. With plenty to laugh at and lots of humorous black and white drawings this book will delight younger readers and older readers too, if they can find an excuse to read it - "I'm checking it out as to whether it's suitable for my nephew for his birthday!" (Or make up your own excuse - I was reviewing it!).

A really good story to encourage reading in youngsters.

Publisher - Piccadilly Press
Genre - Children's 8+, Fiction

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