Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Red Man Turns to Green by Dickson Telfer

Review by The Mole

This eclectic collection of stories is based on life - stories that vary from young to old, from love to death and that desire people harbour all too often... to take people down on their behaviour towards each other.

One of these stories is just two lines long while others stretch to nearly 20 pages, so they are coffee time length reads. But perhaps that's not the best time to read them because they will mostly cause you to stop and think and getting anything done after coffee time may be seriously impaired.

I maintain that short story collections are best when they are from a collection of authors but here the author has achieved a wide enough group of subjects, being told by a very wide group of characters (including a dog) and raised a great breadth of topics in a hauntingly enough manner to satisfy even me.

An excellent collection that will leave readers thinking for long after they have put the book down.

Publisher - Fledgling Press
Genre - Adult short stories

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