Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bitter River by Julia Keller

review by Maryom

Acker's Gap, West Virginia is a quiet close knit community so when a sixteen year old girl is found murdered, not only is everyone devastated but one of them must be to blame.
Lucinda Trimble was a high school student, academically brilliant, member of school sports team, liked by everyone - and pregnant! Prosecuting attorney Bell Elkins and Sheriff Nick Fogelsong are determined to find her killer but, in a small town like Acker's Gap, personal history and loyalties keep getting in the way...

Bitter River is a well written, very readable thriller with well fleshed-out characters the reader can relate to. I normally complain about two-dimensional cardboard cut-out characters but for once I think an author may have erred in the other direction. I just wished that at times there'd been less concentration on character development and background and more forward momentum with the unravelling of the 'whodunnit' side. Sometimes I found myself well ahead of Bell and Nick as they tried to unravel things - and just wished I could have pointed them in the right direction.

Maryom's review - 4 stars
Publisher -
Genre - Adult Crime Thriller

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