Friday, 27 September 2013

A London Year compiled by Travis Elborough & Nick Rennison

Review by The Mole

A collection of observations from diaries, letters and journals from over the centuries and presented as 365 daily entries.

These are not 'fuddy duddy' entries but lighter side comments and observations by more than 200 contributors stretching back to the sixteenth century right through to modern times and generally on different subjects. Every day has 2, 3 or more contributions spanning several centuries. These contributors each have a short biography at the back that helps to answer that all important "Who was that chap?" question although many will probably go unread as they are well known. There is also a bibliography explaining the sources used and finally an index where you can look up a person and find what entries they have written.

All in all whether you use this book as an entry a day, try to read it all in one go or choose a contributor and look up all their entries then this is a very enjoyable book that will make you smile, think or just reflect on things of the past. Myself, I am opting for the day by day reading and very enjoyable it is. It would also make a nice Christmas present for that person who's almost impossible to by for - it's not fattening and exercises the mind.

Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre - Non Fiction

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