Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Life as a Goldfish by Rachel Rooney

Illustrated by Ellie Jenkins

Winner of the CLPE Poetry Prize, this is Rachel Rooney's second collection of children's poetry. There are jokey poems, story poems, some of a single verse and some with 10 or more. Some will make the reader think and some just to make you laugh.

Do you remember those Monday mornings when you tried to convince your mum you were too ill for school. Or the excitement of the museum gift shop? What about that teacher who you could never get away with anything with? They are all captured here in fun filled pages along with many more laughs, thoughts and experiences.

"Magic" is the shape poem that is quoted in the synopsis on the back of the book as well as on several websites although I have to admit that I like the title poem best, which is also 'shape'. It uses essentially just 6 words to convey the life and terrors of being a goldfish.

A really lovely collection of more than 50 poems aimed at the younger reader with added nostalgia for the older reader.

Publisher - Frances Lincoln
Genre -children's poetry

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