Monday, 2 February 2015

Refrigerator Cake by Dickson Telfer

Review by The Mole

This is Telfer's second book of short stories which, in my opinion, is every bit as good as "The Red Man Turns To Green" - his first collection.

With some stories being just a page or two (I do NOT count Sinkho, which is just a title, as a story - sorry) while others run to 20 or more then this is very much a varied collection.

Short stories are not defined by their length but by their content and that is, once again, as varied as their length.

There is the dog walker who finds the ideal place to walk his dog - but looks can be deceptive. There is the funeral where the widow learns about refrigerator cake, or the chap who's good at his job although he hates it or "Hot Cakes" - what does that mean?

The subjects are very varied and there really is something to suit everyone, although with they all suit everyone? Personally I found The Panini Thief left me a little uncomfortable - but I enjoyed it none the less.

Another excellent collection from this author who seems to really know what the readers want from a short story.

Publisher - Fledgling Press
Genre - Adult short stories

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