Monday, 10 August 2015

Fifty Shades of Roxie Brown by Lynda Renham

 review by Maryom

 Roxie Brown is fed up with her life - working all hours as a chambermaid to help support her lazy boyfriend Darren. Her only escape is through her daydreams - Fifty Shades fantasies starring her millionaire boss Ark Morgan. But life is about to change .... peering through the telescope that Darren allegedly uses to watch the night sky, she's in for a shock - the telescope is trained on something nearer to home, a scantily-clad red-haired neighbour, and in her haste to look at something, anything, else, Roxie believes she sees a murder being committed!
Now anyone else would go to the police, but Roxie calls in her friend, crime-addict Sylvie, for advice and,with the help of Sylvie's flat-mate Felix, they set out to solve the case themselves.

Fifty Shades of Roxie Brown is a hilarious rom-com meets crime-caper novel. Lynda Renham may not be as well known as some of the big names in Chick-lit but she delivers a story that hits all the right spots. The characters are plausible if slightly larger than life; a scatter-brained, well-intentioned heroine, a best friend scarily clued up in crime procedure, two handsome men at loggerheads with each other, vying for Roxie's affections. The plot is light but engaging, with echoes of everything from Maid in Manhattan to Rear Window, and the addition of a murder-mystery twist certainly makes this a little different to the 'norm'.
If you're looking for something light, and a little different, give it a go. For now it's only out as an e-book but a paperback is to follow soon.

Publisher - Raucous Publishing
Genre - Adult, Chicklit/RomCom, Crime

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