Monday, 17 August 2015

Ted Rules the World by Frank Cottrell Boyce

review by Maryom

Ted isn't really interested in the fact that the country has a new prime minister - it's his birthday after all and his parents should be buying presents and organising a party, not staying up all night watching election results! Ted thinks he'd be much better at thinking up new laws anyway, but then he spookily finds that the Prime Minister is copying all his ideas - things like children having to walk to school one day a week or everyone having a long weekend and Mondays off work. Could she really be paying attention to Ted? What makes him so special? and how do the friendly check-out staff at the local shop fit in to it all?

One of Barrington Stoke's Little Gems, Ted Rules the World is a fun read aimed at readers between 5 and 8. With cover artwork by new Children's Laureate Chris Riddell and  illustrations throughout by Cate James, it's bright and eye-catching, while the layout and font are designed to be dyslexia-friendly.
 Above all it's what a book should be - an entertaining read, one that will engage children and surely have them wondering what THEY would do to make the world better if they ruled the country.

Don't just take my word for it though - go over to the Barrington Stoke website where you can read the first chapter

Publisher - Barrington Stoke
Genre - children's 5-8 years

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