Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Little Bell and the Moon by Giles Paley-Phillips

Illustrator Iris Deppe

Review by The Mole

Little Bell loves the Moon and the Moon loves Little Bell. Every night the Moon takes Little Bell's hand and together they cross the oceans and the mountains on their adventures. Little Bell grows old and frail but one last flight with the Moon makes something very special happen to Little Bell.

Inspired by a need to help children come to terms with death and the loss of a loved one this book tells its story in rhyme.

Each double page has a verse and a picture that complements the story with detail of the kind that the moon does 'see' and it travels around the world. We see Little Bell become older as the story progresses with toys disappearing and grey hair starting to appear. A beautifully told story, and very well illustrated, that tells the young reader that death is not necessarily the end.

Plenty to talk about on each page means this lovely book is ideal for sharing and talking about a subject that is best shared.

Publisher - Fat Fox
Genre - Children's Picture Book

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