Monday, 6 July 2015

Dark Suits and Sad Songs by Denzil Meyrick

Review by The Mole

A civil servant decides to take his own life in a spectacular fashion by setting fire to himself. There is no question of murder but still DCI Daley tries to find out why. Then two bodies come to his attention, both have been murdered in a spectacularly gruesome way, but two completely different ways - ways that relate to drug gangs. Can three violent deaths occur in Kinloch so close together and not be related?

Daley's wife makes a big play to win him back while DS Scott tries to return to duty although the pressure is too much and he needs the support of a bottle.

But these come to be the least of his worries as Meyrick takes us on another roller coaster of death and mayhem.

Many of the threads left hanging from The Last Witness are followed through but only some come to a conclusion. We are fed enough clues about some things to place us ahead of Daley which leads to "it's behind you" moments while, at the same time, understanding how Daley got suckered in.

Extremely cleverly plotted and well written but it left me wondering if I understand how everything went together - including the UFOs.

Another most excellent read from this author with enough left to commence the fourth book. There is to be a fourth book isn't there??

Critics have said that Daley is "set to join the ranks of Scottish crime fiction" - and being Scottish critics I can understand that, but let's be honest and fair and omit the 'Scottish'. The world should get to know Kinloch, Daley and Scott.

Publisher - Polygon
Genre - Crime thriller

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