Monday, 28 June 2010

Pirates Don't Clean Their Teeth by Adrian Summerson

Bedtime reading
Review by TheMole(Gerry)

This book was a delight for me. I had been a little nervous about reviewing it as our youngest is now 13 but while reading it all those memories of bedtime stories came flooding back.

Ben gets up and decides that today he is a Pirate and sets about doing piratey things, ably prompted and assisted along the way by his Mum and Dad.

I particularly liked the language in this book. Too often books reduce the language to baby speak and can end up patronising children but this book uses everyday language that is credible, polite and simple (but not overly). It also contains a lot of humour which adults can enjoy and the child can too which makes it great 'quality time' reading. This book would be a delight at bedtime for youngsters and I wish I had had it when ours were young.

TheMole's review - 4 stars

Review by Maryom

I agree with TheMole but would just add a couple of things....

I think that the colours could have been brighter and Lizzie The Critic shares this view. I would also like to have seen the phrase "They do in this house" repeated a couple more times somewhere in the text.

Putting that to one side though I would STRESS that I agree with TheMole about everything else.

A delightful book which, if I found it in a shop, I would buy for my toddler (if I still had one).

Maryom's review - 4 stars

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