Monday 24 February 2014

The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh

review by Maryom

Jenn and Greg have holidayed at the Villa Ana for the past 10 yrs. With its own pool and situated in a lemon grove on the rugged west coast of Mallorca, they've always found it to be an idyllic spot. This year though their peace and tranquillity is about to be disturbed. Even alone with Greg for the first week, Jenn has found it harder to relax into a holiday mood; the holiday hoards and hippies camping rough in caves at the beach have all niggled at her. Then step-daughter Emma arrives with her boyfriend Nathan and everything is about to fall apart.
The Lemon Grove is hot, steamy and full of illicit passion but it's more than a summer sex romp. It's also a wonderful portrayal of a family reaching a turning point in their lives; the dynamics of their relationships are changing and they aren't accustomed to their new 'roles' yet.
Jenn particularly is starting to feel middle-aged, a little bit past it, no longer as sexy and desirable as she was. Her relationship with Greg is comfy and familiar. She's no longer needed in her role as mother-
substitute but Jenn hasn't settled into the new 'adult' relationship with Emma. Into this situation add one hot 17 year old boy/man - and Jenn is about to be swept off her feet - not by love, but plain lust. Nathan represents everything young, sexy, passionate and edgy missing from Jenn's comfortable life - and means nothing but trouble!
Told in the third person from Jenn's point of view, the reader feels all her yearning, guilt and helplessness in the face of this sexual infatuation, but stands back enough to realise that things can not end happily, that at best Jenn will end up looking foolish. It's a very addictive read, with descriptions that bring place and people vividly to life; a page turner in a 'will they, won't they' kind of way, but one that captures the subtle undercurrents and tensions of family life as well as Jenn's desire. 
I absolutely loved it, even the way it ended. It will make a wonderful holiday read later in the year but, for now, read it with the rain lashing down outside and find yourself transported to an island in the sun.

Maryom's review - 5 stars
Publisher - 
Tinder Press
Genre -
Adult fiction 

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